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&  event services
Danny Blue Rude but NOT crude Danny   Blue   started   his   career   in   adult   comedy   over 30    years    ago.    Danny's    first    time    on    stage    as    a comedian   was   to   a   packed   house   at   a   comedy club   in   Surrey.   Since   that   night,   he   hasn't   looked back. Never   afraid   to   shock   the   audience   and   is   known for   his   repertoire   of   quick   fire   one-liners.   Danny   has appeared   on   many   television   shows   and   will   be   the subject   of   a   documentary   due   out   later   this   year. Danny   Blue   The   Politically   Incorrect   comedian   and Adult Humorist. "I   love   stand-up",   Danny   says,   "I   love   the   old   main stream     type     of     comedy,     Politically     incorrect, postcard     type     of     humour,     putting     words     in     a sequence    to    make    the    audience    shudder    into laughter   and   disbelief   that   I   have   actually   just   said that".
Burledance The Burlesque Dance Company Although      I      loved      being      a      Hell's      Belle,      the choreographer   in   me   wanted   to   be   able   to   come   up with   my   own   routines   and   go   in   my   own   direction.     After   looking   into   it   further   I   soon   realised   hat   there   are very   few   opportunities   to   learn   Burlesque   in            Berkshire and   so   I   created   BURLEDANCE.      I   also   wanted   to   give women   like   me,   who   love   to   dance   but   have   perhaps let     motherhood     take     over     or     have     lost     their confidence   for   whatever   reason,   the   chance   to   be   a woman   again   and   do   something   for   themselves   that lets   them   be   glamourous   and   sexy,   be   comfortable and   confident   with   their   body   and   get   fit   in   a   fun, feminine way.  I   love   performing   and   hope   to   share   that   passion   with my ladies!